If you’ve seen a more dramatic Dean zoom in gif set today you’re are lying.

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At a crossroad, so why do I know your face?



Anika looked around as she put a small box in a hole she dug in the middle of a crossroad. Ani didn’t know much about demons, but she knew one thing. You wanted something bad enough, and you were willing to give it all up , you summoned a crossroad demon. Well there was one thing Anika wanted more than anything in the world….and that was freedom to do with her body as she saw fit. In other words, Anika Leary was a vessel for an Angel that she didn’t know, and she didn’t want to be.

Standing up Anika looked around and took in a breath let it out slowly.

“Come on you little devil, I know your out there somewhere…..A Vessel’s soul has got to be worth a pretty penny.” She muttered.

“I’ve got to be worth something…” she whispered.

So the rumors were true.  When Castiel had first been told that Raphael had a new vessel, he was somewhat dubious.  But when he heard that this vessel was not only being obstinate, but consorting with demons… Cas couldn’t help but find a bit of curiosity as well as urgency in the situation.  

And there she stood, at the crossroads, smoothing dirt over top of a shabby hole that she had dug for the occasion.  As she stood, sun reflecting off of her red hair, a sense of familiarity flickered through him.  She’s definitely the vessel, he concluded.

Cas took a couple steps forward into the sun, the breeze blowing his trenchcoat behind him.  “Anika?”  He called, squinting to see her.  “Anika Leary?”              

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Ruby laughed and shook her head, “believe me angel, I’m not confused. You’re Castiel, correct? Well, I’ve heard a lot about you.” she said as she tilted her head and took a piece of his burger from his plate. “God said you’re the most loyal angel he has. Sure, you’ve made mistakes, but you always make up for them.. His words, not mine.” she said shrugging as she watched him as she chewed the burger and swallowed. “I’m not mistaken, I know what I saw, and what I heard. He’s the one that pulled me from hell. Who else could pull me from some place more guarded and locked up than Lucifers cage? I was an abomination to all demons because I worked for the Winchesters, so I was meant to stay there, being tortured for the rest of eternity, that is until God pulled me out. How else do you think I turned human? And immortal? And my ability to use magic without any cost to my soul?” she asked tilting her head. 

"I…"  For a moment, Castiel couldn’t speak.His mind was filled with a turbulence that seemed to take over everything.  His most loyal angel… the phrase filled him with a sense of pride and, surprisingly, bitterness.  If his father knew how desperately he had been searching, then… 

"Why hasn’t he found me?”  Castiel finished his thought aloud, his tone somewhat cutting.  “Why does some demon get to have the privilege that I have been denied for centuries now?  My brothers and sisters are at war with each other.  How can he not care?”  His fists curled into themselves under the table, his nails digging into his skin.  “What’s the point of searching if he doesn’t want to be found?”

Snapping out of his thoughts, Castiel focused once more on the girl in front of him, who was currently chewing a cheeseburger as normal as any other person.  “I’m… sorry.  That was inappropriate.”  Straightening his jacket, he placed both hands on the table, composing himself.  “Now did…my father,” he managed to choke out, “mention why he’s saved you?  Why he’s given you these gifts?  I haven’t heard of a human ever being able to use magic without some sort of a cost.” 

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you have fallen in every way imaginable

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#I have this head cannon #Since season 8 left Cas human and destitute, Cas is at a loss for what to do #But fortunately, he’s gorgeous #So, one day when he’s sitting alone and depressed, a talent agent spots his beautiful face and recruits him to be a model

#Meanwhile, it’s been a couple of months, and Dean’s been praying to Cas, wondering where Cas is and why he won’t answer #Then Sam turns on the TV, and there’s a Calvin Klein underwear commercial with Cas in shorts #And Dean finds himself both confused and aroused

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Misha Collins Appreciation Post <3

I have an amazing mother, but when I was growing up she didn’t always have a tremendous amount of material resources at her disposal. We were on welfare and very poor for some time and we were homeless for a while. When I was eleven, we were taken in by [friends who let us live on their] farm for several months. They were unbelievably generous with us. They gave us essentially room and board for months because they knew we didn’t have a place to go, and they enabled us to feel like we weren’t a burden there, by allowing me to work on the farm and to earn my keep. Of course at eleven, I was completely useless and probably more in the way than anything, but it was just like an extension of their kind act to allow me to think that I wasn’t a burden there, and so I would go out in the field and transplant leeks and rake hay into rows and things like that. It’s something that has stuck with me and there are other incidences in my childhood that have stuck with me, you know, a woman that gave my mother $100 when I was six so that she could buy me and my brother Christmas presents that year. I didn’t even know who she was, it was just this really generous act that made a huge difference in these small children’s’ lives and to my mother as well.

    Thirty years later I still remember that, and it still impacts on how I behave, not always … (laughs), but when it comes to my mind it affects how I behave and I think that that is kind of what I am getting at. It can be infectious and exponential. I mean, I probably wouldn’t be trying to do this random acts project if somebody hadn’t demonstrated that kind of kindness to me when I was young and likewise people who receive, who are the recipients of the random acts that we do now, will probably carry on that tradition later.

-Misha Collins

The world needs more people like Misha Collins.

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